Brewing drip coffee is both easy and affordable, which makes it a very attractive method for making your own coffee at home. This guide tells you everything you need to know about brewing perfect at-home drip coffee.

What is Drip Coffee?

For many people, drip coffee is what a standard cup of coffee looks like. It is brewed using a coffee machine, which pushes hot water up through a showerhead where it is slowly dripped over coffee grounds.

Drip Coffee Brewing Steps

  1. Put ground coffee in the filter.

  2. Fill up the water reservoir of your machine.

  3. Turn on the machine to heat the water.

  4. Wait as hot water drips over the coffee grounds.

  5. Enjoy your coffee when brewing is completed!

While some prefer more complex brewing methods, the simplicity of drip coffee makes it a convenient option for anyone. And with the right tips, you can really bring out the best in your brewing at home.

Drip Coffee Tips


Anytime you make coffee, it is essential to use water that won’t negatively affect the flavor. 

Filtered or bottled water is best, as they don’t have strong minerals or chemicals that will project into the coffee’s flavor. Try to avoid distilled water if possible, however, since it is completely devoid of minerals and could give your coffee a bland taste.

Freshly Ground Beans

The best way to get great-tasting coffee at home is to buy whole coffee beans and grind them yourself directly before brewing. Or, if you don’t have a grinder, buying beans online through Red Cliff Coffee is a great way to be sure your beans are as fresh as possiblethey are shipped directly to you instead of waiting on a store shelf.

Whether you prefer whole or pre-ground beans, we have a great freshly-roasted selection for you to pick from!


There are many types of machines that you can use to make drip coffee, but whatever machine you have, the following tips can help it brew the best coffee possible.

Filter Types

Paper filters are common for brewing drip coffee. They work well and can filter very finely ground beans without a problem, but they also remove the oils from the coffee which can lead to a simpler flavor profile.

If you’d like more complex flavors in your drip coffee, you can instead use a mesh filter. Just be sure to use more coarsely ground beans so that none of the grounds slip through into your coffee.

If you use a paper filter in your machine, be sure to rinse it with water quickly before adding coffee. This will make sure that it is primed for filtration and is clear of any filter dust.

Keep your Machine Clean

Regularly cleaning your coffee machine will keep any buildup from forming that could alter your coffee’s taste or consistency. In addition to rinsing the filter between uses, you should deep clean your machine once per month. 

You can do this easily by running a brewing cycle using a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. Once you’ve brewed a whole pot with this cleaning solution, simply run another whole cycle of plain water to rinse. 

Keeping your machine clean will keep you drinking the best tasting coffee possible!

Enjoy Your Coffee Right Away

Freshly brewed coffee is certainly the most flavorful coffee. Be sure to brew your coffee right before you plan to enjoy it, so you can savor the best of your brew.

Give it a Try!

Now you’ve got the best tips on how to make your homebrew drip coffee pop, so go grind up some Red Cliff Coffee beans and give it a try! Leave a comment below if you want to share how your drip coffee turned out or ask a question about making drip coffee at home.