Red Cliff Coffee

100% Single Origin Arabica From The Mountains of Chiang Rai
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about our coffee

From fields nestled away in the mountains of Northern Thailand, our coffee boasts a complex flavor and guaranteed freshness from its small-batch roasting process.

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Single Origin Thai Arabica

All of our coffee is grown in a patchwork of fields on a single mountainside in Chiang Rai.  Ensuring a high quality, robust product.

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Small Batch Roasting

Roasted in small batches for a cup of coffee with personality and flavor.  Our process allows us to pick only the best beans and provide a fresh coffee product.

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Fast Delivery

From our fields to your door. Why?  Because we don’t want our coffee to lose its flavor and freshness on supermarket shelves. Order online now and get it delivered directly to your door.

Knowing your coffee

Locally grown, internationally loved. Red Cliff Coffee is grown by local families in the highlands of Northern Thailand. They’ve been working this land for generations. Many of them were among the first to embrace coffee as a new crop. Back then, they saw the potential of this new crop when others were still skeptical. Now they have mature trees to show for it, and the confidence that they made the right choice.

One Product but so much Purpose

One out of every hundred Thai coffee beans is arabica. With one product to focus on we believe we’ve perfected our process. And our coffee beans. Delicate, aromatic, highland-grown. Every cup you brew is infused with the extra care and attention that goes into Red Cliff Coffee.