About Us


Born in the Hills of the NOrth

Red Cliff Coffee is a small operation based in Northern Thailand.  We aim to show you that coffee produced in Thailand doesn’t have to be over-roasted and low on flavor.

With careful processing and the courage to discard beans that aren’t worthy, we’ve managed to unlock a complex flavour profile that we frankly didn’t know existed in the strain of Arabica Thailand grows.

NO compromise on freshness

From the moment you open that packet of Red Cliff Coffee, you’ll be able to sense the difference. That aroma and rich flavor are only possible due to our strict processing standards and commitment to using the best coffee beans in Thailand.

You won’t find Red Cliff Coffee on the shelves of any supermarkets in Thailand. All that extra time in transit and on the shelves detracts from freshness, and that’s something we are just not willing to compromise on. Instead, Red Cliff only operates through its online coffee shop.

Doing so allows us to ship freshly roasted coffee beans directly to any address in Thailand. And there’s a good chance that we can supply you with artisanal, handcrafted coffee for less than you are currently paying for Thai arabica coffee at your local retailer.

Our Community

Red Cliff Coffee is grown by local families in the highlands of Northern Thailand.  They’ve been working this land for generations. Many of them were among the first to embrace coffee as a new crop.


When you order Thai coffee from Red Cliff, you’ll have a few choices to make.

First, we need to know whether you prefer whole-bean or ground coffee. We like to ship whole-bean coffee whenever possible, because it stays fresh longer and just tastes better when you grind it on the spot. That said, we’re more than happy to grind your coffee for you.

You’ll also have to decide how you want your coffee to be roasted. Red Cliff works with ultra-small batches of Thai coffee, which means the beans we sell are perpetually fresh.

The roasts/blends we offer are:

  • Medium – a light-bodied roast with a smooth profile and plenty of caffeine. Our medium roast is primarily used for blending to add aroma.
  • Dark – in our experience, dark roast is usually a gimmick to mask the faults in sub-par coffee, but RedCliff Coffee’s dark roast uses our same high-quality beans. The result is a bold flavor profile that diehard coffee drinkers appreciate.
  • Full City Choice Blend – our favorite blend of both worlds, the full city blend is bold but not overpowering, with enough aroma and richness to satisfy a variety of tastes.  It’s just the perfect mix of our medium and dark roast.