Which Coffee Maker Is Best?

The age old debate.  Which coffee maker is best?  For us, that question is much like asking “which color is best?”.  It all depends on your tastes, budget, usage and skill level. 

We decided to go through a few of our favorite coffee makers that can be found in Thailand (no need to wait or pay those pesky customs charges) to help you decide if it’s time for an upgrade.  We deserve it since we are home so much now, don’t ya think?

Let’s start off with the perfect machine for any barista-wannabe to cut their teeth on. The DeLonghi ECP 35.31 is a great coffee maker for the aspiring barista looking to perfect that crema and make a cafe-style coffee drink. We’d recommend this for any espresso or cappuccino lovers.

This machine boasts great quality for the price. It has a frothing wand and water tank that holds a good amount of water. It’s very easy to clean but does take some getting used to.  

Instagrammable and Tasty – Fellow “Stagg” Pourover Kettle

Next up is for the Instagrammer in you (it also is just a great, stylish kettle). We’ve seen these types of kettles trending lately and wondered what all the fuss was about.

Turns out, this kettle is not only gorgeous but has a built-in thermometer and a precision pour spout.  Couple this with our next item and enjoy a perfect cup of drip coffee each morning.

While you can find these much cheaper around most places, we wanted to show this one off for two reasons.  Firstly, it’s eco-friendly, sustainable (no filters needed) and will save you money in the long run.  And secondly, it’s such a cool design!

The Mt. Fuji Cofil ceramic coffee filter just makes us smile which isn’t a bad thing first thing in the morning. Their new series features an array of colors and are all designed around Mt. Fuji.  They promise a great tasting coffee daily.  If this is beyond your price point, we are really loving ceramic drip filters in general, you can find them in various coffee shops around the country and they don’t need to break the bank.

Do it the French way with a tried and true French press.  These are perfect for the person on the go.  We particularly like this one as it is heat resistant and easy to clean and very slick because of it’s futuristic design.  The Timemore is made from stainless steel and top quality materials.

This is perfect for not only home use, but for those avid campers or just people on the go.  

Ok hear us out.  Yes, this coffee maker can burn a nice hole in your wallet BUT we have to say we like the idea.  It’s the perfect gift for an avid coffee lover, although a little kitsch, we had to give this bad boy some recognition.

It is made from hand-finished wood and hand-blown glass, features Brew-To- Wake, Brew-On-Demand, alarm clock, USB Phone Charging Port, a milk fridge and intuitive controls for setting the alarm and brew preference.  Wow. While it may be frivolous, it’s definitely on our list to Santa this year.

Whether or not you’re familiar with a Moka pot, it’s definitely something every coffee lover should try.  We chose this one because of the design and price point.  It comes in two sizes and is perfect for at-home or travel use (as long as you have some type of stovetop).

This pot makes a great cup of coffee if you like it strong.  While not as concentrated as an espresso it will definitely leave you with a great cup of Joe.

Of course, there’s no use for a coffee machine without the perfect beans.  Order Red Cliff Coffee beans today and don’t forget to choose your preference of roast and grind to get that perfect cup.

So what’s your go-to coffee machine right now?  Let us know and maybe we will try it out and feature it in our next blog.