Limited Supply | 250g Rare Specialty Coffee



A new batch of our specialty coffee is ready to order.

We’ve imported a rare strain of Pink Bourbon Arabica coffee to Thailand, and these trees have been producing coffee for a couple of years now. The result is a rich and aromatic cup of coffee – more nuanced than most Thailand varieties. Supplies are limited, so this coffee is only available in 250-gram packages.

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Our special “Pink Bourbon” blend roasted to your preference:

  • Medium – a light-bodied roast with a smooth profile and plenty of caffeine. Our medium roast is primarily used for blending to add aroma.
  • Full City – our favorite roast, full city has the best of both worlds. It’s bold but not overpowering, with enough aroma and richness to satisfy a variety of tastes.
  • Dark – in our experience, dark roast is usually a gimmick to mask the faults in sub-par coffee, but Red Cliff Coffee’s dark roast uses our same high-quality beans. The result is a bold flavor profile that diehard coffee drinkers appreciate.


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