RedCliff Coffee is a small operation based in Northern Thailand. After managing a Kona coffee farm in Hawaii and helping Agroforestry Net with a study on the benefits of shade-grown coffee, our founders moved to Chiang Rai with the goal of providing customer wtih the freshest, most delicious coffee in Thailand .

Today, we aim to show you that coffee produced in Thailand doesn’t have to be over-roasted and low on flavor. In fact, with careful processing and the courage to discard beans that aren’t worthy of our label, we’ve managed to unlock a complex flavour profile that we frankly didn’t know existed in the strain of Arabica Thailand grows. And thanks to our convenient EMS shipping service, our customers in Thailand can have a freshly roasted packet of coffee delivered to their doorstep in three business days or less.

This villager is returning to his village in the highlands of Chiang Rai with a day’s coffee harvest on horseback.


Shopping in a grocery store is convenient. Well, sort of—as long as you can clear your schedule and don’t have to drive too far. Many of our regular customers have asked us where they can find Red Cliff Coffee on the shelves. They appreciate really fresh coffee, and they’d like to be able to pick some up when out shopping.

In the past, we’ve toyed with the idea of finding a few distributors (think: big chain supermarkets) that could help our customers purchase our coffee more easily. The problem is, this ultimately works against our vision for what fresh coffee should really mean. This is why Red Cliff prefers to operate only through our online coffee shop. Doing so allows us to ship ultra-fresh coffee directly to any address in Thailand. In fact, there’s a good chance that we supply you with artisanal, handcrafted coffee for less than you are currently paying for Thai arabica coffee.

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Prepare to be amazed.
From the moment you open open that packet of Red Cliff Coffee, you’ll be able to sense the difference. That aroma and rich flavor are only possible due to our strict processing standards and commitment to using the best coffee beans in Thailand.

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